The Best For The Two Of You.


Smiles as wide as the capital’s ancient river bathed the faces of Tyler and Frankie, eyes sparkling with joy and wonder as bright as the Foo Fighters closing fireworks. Their day coming towards an end as the next step was the journey home, exhausted and full of joy and wonder.

We met up early in the day so the experience could be fully embraced by the two great friends and soon were settling into a restaurant and enjoying a great meal. We took our time and enjoyed Frankie and Tyler’s friendship as they teased each other with wonderful affection for each other so evident, not only through lunch but throughout the day and evening. Their senses of humour are well matched and also were on display throughout the day as a mischievous twinkle was never far from their eyes. A twinkle that held throughout the show but not of humour; of delight and joy.


Leaving lunch we gently headed toward the stadium and found our spots. En route we’d found a merch stand and took the youngsters order. We were very privileged to have Stuart with GTL on Saturday as friends and family has funded this show when they made donations to GTL instead of sending flowers to Stuart’s brother Sean’s funeral. Stuart also added to the swag as he volunteered to fulfil the merch order visiting countless stands to make sure Frankie and Tyler received exactly what they wanted with Stuart adding extra goodies on top.

As much as the support bands were enjoyed there really was only one reason to be at the Olympic Stadium. The Foo Fighters! Singing, punching the air, laughing, Frankie dancing, Tyler having fun with his chair, both beautifully alive with the thrill of live music, of a fantastic show, a Foo Fighters show. Their show.


The last notes drifted away into a wonderfully warm June night and we drifted away from the stadium and found the van that would take them home. Exhausted and with smiles as wide as the night sky Frankie and Tyler were ready to head home.

As the van pulled off we waved goodbye to these two beautiful humans with one question left unanswered. Which one is the biggest mischief maker?

Thank You...

Stuart and your friends and family who gave this great gift. I’m so glad you were able to be there yourself to see what your gift meant to Frankie & Tyler. And for your warmth and generosity to both of them and the miles you covered finding there merch. Thank you.

Ewa, a fantastic and hugely supportive assistant. Thank you.

Steve, Tyler and Frankie’s support worker on the day. Thank you.

Everyone who sent messages and commented, they meant a lot and brought countless smiles.