Friends of Given to Live Stickerbook

This page is to honour those who have chosen to support Given To Live in many wonderful ways.



BBB has committed to providing welcome packs of fudge to everyone who signs up for a  Supporters Pick Pack. 


We discovered Bev is a baker extraordinaire when we asked her if she was able to bake something for Corey Taylor of Slipknot when we took her son Declan to see Slipknot in Leeds - watch clip



BBB is delighted to receive orders for daleks and one of a kind baked masterpieces. 


Find her here via her Facebook page: Bevsbeenbaking

UK Foo Fighters Tribute
UK Foo Fighters Tribute


Given To Live loves having friends like the UK Foo Fighters Tribute. 


As individuals they're great human beings, collectively they're the best Foo Fighters tribute band around. Last year they played three fundraisers for GTL and raised over £10k. This was a breathtaking gift to GTL and people came to the shows in Wembley and The Liquid Room in Edinburgh from all over the world. Support of this size makes a huge difference to GTL and the people we take to shows. 


For more about the UK Foos, the Wembley and Edinburgh shows from last year and upcoming dates on their Nothing's Set in Stone tour please visit their site here.


Crashous Roadside Room
Crashious Roadside


We're so excited to have Crash as a friend of Given To Live as Crashious Roadside will be creating one off hoodies for everyone GTL takes to a show. Individualised to relate to the band they're seeing these will be a lasting memory of the show. 


Crash has worked with Pearl Jam, RNDM and Mötley Crüe amongst others as well as creating single piece commissions to order. 


For more about Crash visit the Roadside Room here.

Winged Fox Designs
Winged Fox Designs

Winged Fox is an animator and illustrator and decided supporting Given To Live with animation and designs is great fun and adds pizzazz to a great cause.


For example, she has created a little video clip for Declan's visit to Slipknot's gig in Leeds - watch here...


Watch out for some more badass clips for future events.


To see more of her work, click here for her website, or visit her Facebook page, Winged Fox designs.