Through The Fire And The Flames...Warren's heading to Bloodstock. 

On Sunday 14th of August Given To Live are taking Warren to Bloodstock Open Air festival to see his favourite band Dragonforce. And since his 28th birthday is on the Tuesday, with Warren's blessing, we're making Sunday his birthday day and will be doing what we can to make it a birthday he won't forget. 

Warren lives in shared supported housing with twenty four hour support staff where he has been since a three and a half year stay in hospital where he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He has also been diagnosed with OCD, bi-polar and has acute anxiety. Warren has asked us to write about this because he wants people to know that even with these diagnoses he is still someone who likes metal and wants to go to gigs like you and me. That all it takes is some support and he'll be there. He wants people to know he's still a person like you, just with a few things going on that makes daily living trickier. A human being like us. 

He plays guitar and is practising his Dragonforce. He's looking forward to a day out where he can enjoy what he loves, what gives him peace, a place to escape and make sense of things...metal. He loves painting his nails or getting them done and getting to know Warren, we've learned that if his nails are good he's in a good place and they were when we met during the week. 

He enjoys a cappuccino and a bun. He's looking forward to a burger, or two, to getting a Dragonforce tee shirt. He's looking forward to a day of metal. 

We're looking forward to taking Warren, to giving him a day at Bloodstock, a day of metal. To spoiling him for his birthday. 


Thank you Adam at Noise Cartel for helping us create a wonderful surprise for Warren...sssh ;) 

Vicky at Bloodstock, thank you for Bloodstock donating the tickets. 

Thank you Warren for letting us tell a small part of your story. You aren't alone.

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