The Greatest Country On Earth? Please Park Your Ego USA, Please.

The land of the free and brave and whatever other bollocks you care to pull out. Absolute nonsense.

I spent 6 nights in San Francisco & Oakland recently & as ever America breaks my heart. I’ve been going since I was a kid and Freddie Laker’s cheap flights and there’s so many things I’ve love and still love.

Fondest memories? Packed jai alai frontons in the 80s with my dad and the electric atmosphere, the simply awe inspiring moment of seeing the Grand Canyon up close, Vision Quest in New Mexico, Sweatlodge on a res with friends, Pearl Jam at the Garden in ‘03, my personal honouring of my survival in ‘13 and 5 PJ shows that lead to Given To Live.

Baseball, prime rib, pancakes and fantasy football and so many great musicians and artists.

Six nights. I’ve been homeless, worked with homelessness, know we have homelessness and yet EVERY time I visit the US I’m more shocked than the last time. Three times simply walking to my hotel I was moved to tears at the sheer awfulness of human beings, like you and me, set up in tents on side streets. More than once totally overwhelmed by the inconceivable trauma I witnessed in homeless individuals. It’s a difficult place to be, heartbroken and raging with anger but that’s how it felt more than once.

Focused almost exclusively on getting over jetlag and work I didn’t see or catch up with any news until my last day as a there was a tv next to the one showing baseball in the hotel and sure enough there’s a mass shooting being reported. Then another the next day.

Then yesterday and today a school shooting, yet another, is headline news here. But f*** all will be done to stop this because the US is so invested in having the right to own a machine that’s sole purpose is to kill.

But the bad guys will always have them…good guys with guns…if the teachers were armed…and on and on and on. I mean f*** off.

And I still love the US. I’m sure I’ll visit again with any luck. But stop telling me and the rest of the world how great you are when your streets are full of homeless human beings and owning a gun is more important than the lives of those gunned down.

That’s not greatness.

When someone is at government level their children aren’t just the ones of child age, it’s all the citizens that they’re responsible for. A PM, President, Senator, MP, Mayor…they’re essentially parents to their citizens. And if you’re letting your children be shot, go hungry, sleep on the streets you sure as hell aren’t a great mum or dad.

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