Mental Health

Mental Health...

Is not a joke, is not because someone is weak or needs to ‘man up’, not because women are irrational, not because you need to be more ‘positive’.

It’s real and has its roots in many places...abuse, trauma, bullying, abandonment, emotional neglect, isolation and so, so much more.

We say Because You Matter because not everyone feels like that. Sometimes never.

At every show we take someone to we hope they leave knowing they do matter.

This is why we have artists create posters for our guests, take them to the merch stand, cover all costs including tickets, meals, a great hotel.

We can’t heal invisible wounds but we do hope that at least a little light enters darkness, a little warmth envelopes numbness.

We do all matter. Even when we forget this, feel like we don’t...we do.

#BecauseYouMatter #MentalHealthMatters

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