" You're Too Damaged."

Nicky wrote the following after our chat last night. There were one or two technical glitches and I hope to be able to post our chat here later or tomorrow.

This is what Nicky wrote -

‘Last night technology failed us and as much as I would like to blame our Tom...I think it was a problem our end.

I think you guys got the best bits of what we needed to say..... And you got to see the super glam Miss E with her latest hair colour.

What GTL do is unlike anything else. The money that gets donated is used to give people the most incredible, mind-blowing experiences. The work that goes into each show, each person starts from the second that application comes in.

Ellie and I had no idea of the impact our story would have on people all over the world. We almost didn't want to tell it because once that stuf is out there it's out there forever and for us that meant going public and facing it in a whole different way.

Neither one of us truly realised how much trauma we still carry with us. It was said to me quite recently...’You are too damaged"....and perhaps right now, that's true.

But our GTL experiences were life changing for both of us. DV makes you feel small and insignificant. It makes you hide away in fear and shame. Bullying makes you feel the same.

Ellie had to face humiliation at home and at school. Daily. Then you add in what that does to your mental health and yes....You have damage. But GTL made us feel like we mattered. That we did not have to feel shame. That we did not have to hide.

So every time you donate or enter a raffle or whatever you do to support this amazing organisation...... You are literally making it possible for someone to feel like they matter. And that matters. More than I can ever say.

Thanks for watching last night. 💜💜💜’

I wanted to respond.

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