Catching Sand.

Stef & Johnny D - Counting Down To Pearl Jam, Fenway.

Given To Live caught up with Stef & Johnny D this afternoon with their trip to Fenway Park only weeks away to see how they’re getting on and to let them know there’s a few extras in the mix.

Cancer is often measured in numbers. This is a good number, this is not good, that’s higher, that’s lower. And until the numbers are ‘right’ the treatment goes on, side effects often happen, hair goes, a break from one treatment and hair comes back, sickness better some days, others not so good. Hands cradling hope like sand, some days it’s wet and easy to keep, its precious, another day you’re tired, sick, had enough and the sand dries and slips through your fingers.

When Stef’s sand is trickling through exhausted fingers Johnny D it there to catch the precious grains. Every day, every night. Catching sand, loving Stef, holding his own uncertainty about the future, a present full of questions.

This trip is very much for Johnny as well. Illness, cancer touches more, many more than simply the person doing the fighting, suffering the treatments. Night and day, day and night, Stef, has Johnny fighting her corner and catching sand.

And friends, many who are making the trip to Boston to see Pearl Jam and also celebrate Stef and Johnny. We’re taking our VIPs to dinner the night before the show and we’re delighted Jeff Gorra from Artist Waveswill be joining us, Henrik Tuxen & Captain Kidd Books are sending us a signed copy of his book, The More You Need, for us to present along with the poster James is currently creating.

We’re counting down with Stef and Johnny to Fenway, there’s a big test result due on the 22nd of this month and we’re all hoping there’s celebration as well as Pearl Jam in the Boston air.

A thought just rose up...if anyone reading this is by a beach or someplace with sand pop a little in your pocket with Johnny D in mind and we can all catch a little sand with him.

#BecauseYouMatter #PJLive2018 #PJAwayShows #PJBoston


Our wonderful artist and tee shirt creator James has a website, go check it out here -

You can get your own copy of Henrik’s The More You Need here -

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