We've Made A Deal With Vanja!

If Metallica make it over here next summer, we’re taking him to a show.


We spoke with Vanja today and made him a deal...if the Metallica stadium shows that are meant to happen next summer take place, Given To Live is taking him.

Vanja is 34 and was diagnosed five years ago with a form of cancer usually only found in children. No one knows how long he had it before the diagnosis...5...10...15...20 years. And now he has ‘tumours from head to toe’ and has lost the sight in one eye due to the treatment. Treatment he’s still undergoing.

Over the next few days we’ll write the story of the remarkable human that is Vanja, the darkness that has been part of this journey and the light that saved his life.

Now it’s just up to Metallica to announce those dates and us to get the tickets!

#BecauseYouMatter #MentalHealthMatters #Neuroblastoma #Metallica #Metallicalive

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