Thank You, Stuart & Sean

'Granma said when you come on something good, first thing to do is share it with whoever you can find; that way, the good spreads out where no telling it will go. Which is right.' Little Tree

Heartbreak, so much part of being human should we allow ourselves to love, is a consequence of being alive. An arm falls off our most treasured bear as a child, our first love ends, a parent dies, our dream job ends. All heartbreaking. And with heartbreak comes a storm of tears, anger, the earth below us no longer seems so sure as our legs seem unable to bear our weight.

A great friend of Given To Live's is slowly coming back from their own storm of grief. Stuart is our accountant and also a man who is a friend. In December, during the run up to Christmas, his brother Sean died. Sean was his little brother and 33 when, without warning or reason, Stuart lost him.

Music was an integral to their relationship, they went to gigs together, shared a love of rock and the band close to the top of Sean's musical pile and top of Stuart's is the Foo Fighters. And because of this love of music two quite extraordinary thing are coming to pass.

Knowing Sean's love of music, of live music, Stuart put it to his family that instead of flowers being sent to the funeral could they ask for donations to Given To Live instead so others could enjoy the moment of seeing their favourite band. The family said yes. And with these donations we are taking Frankie and Tyler to see the Foos in Sean's name and they will have lunch with Stuart on the day and share the experience.

Sean loved the Foos and was well known for 'murdering Breakout' at Karaoke. This is why Breakout is one of 18 songs that Stuart will be recording as an album with 48 friends of his and Sean's, in a small studio being built in a shed in his backyard, again honouring his brother. 18 of Sean's favourite songs which includes Can I Play With Madness by Iron Maiden which gave Stuart and idea. Would I ask Adam, who GTL had taken to see Iron Maiden last year and plays guitar himself, like to play lead on the song and be on the album? Adam said yes without hesitation and since that conversation Running Free has been added and he may well guest on that as well. Speaking with Stuart the shed that will be a studio will be finished before too long and work will start on his album for Sean. The studio will be his and Sean's in so many ways, the album a labour of love in the truest sense. Love for his brother, for their relationship. And again Stuart's generosity shines through as copies will be sold to friends to raise funds for GTL, to ensure someone else can go to a show. Can hear their favourite song, their Breakout.

#BecauseYouMatter #OneGigAtATime #FooFighters #IronMaiden

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