Stefanie will be at Fenway Park to see Pearl Jam.

Today Given To Live, thanks to the amazing fundraising by Better Than Nothing videos, was able to tell Stefanie she's going to Fenway to see Pearl Jam.

For over 18 months Stefanie, Stef, has been facing and fighting cancer. Multiple surgeries, procedures, hospitalisations where she’s so sick she can’t move for weeks after chemo stuff, three ribs a vertebrae and a disc removal which left an open wound in her back that just closed after 15 months. She was locked in a full body brace for over 4 months and is still having chemo.

We'll tell you more about Stef and her partner, Johnny D, soon and we know it's a long road and tough fight. For now we're glad that this trip, in Stef's own words, has already given her 'something to look forward to.'


We can't say thank you enough to Matt, Barney, Barry and Jason at Better Than Nothing for the incredible work they've done to make this happen.

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