Sarah's OffTo Céline Dion.

One Day Only.

One day. That is all the time Sarah's parents and family were told they would have with her the day she was born. The priest was called, prayers were made and hearts were broken. One day with your daughter, your sister. Sarah is thirty in August. She has cerebal palsy, a learning age of six and epilepsy, twisted bowel and despite the hard times, numerous hospital visits and operations Sarah is still proving the doctors wrong. And she loves Céline Dion. From being told Sarah wouldn't make it through the night, to watching her grow into the happy, life loving, cheeky, mischievous young woman that she is today has been both a blessing and also the hardest thing any of her family have had to deal with. And yet her smile and laugh light up the room and as her sister Anne Marie says, "You could be having the most awful day, be in a terrible mood, but as soon as you walk into a room Sarah is in, she lights up and makes your day amazing again."  

Since Given To Live received the application for Sarah to go to a show we've lost count of the number of trips to the hospital Sarah has made. The time spent in intensive care, in pain, one visit including eight epileptic fits in quarter of an hour. Trips to hospital Sarah's family all live through with her. When Sarah and Anne Marie were younger they would often spend their holidays at a caravan. It was on their these caravan trips that Sarah fell in love with Celine Dion listening to her tapes on the journey and Sarah will tell you she is Celine's biggest fan and has been for a while. So when Anne Marie contacted us at Given to Live, we really couldn't say no. After all, if Celine found out her biggest fan wasn't at her show it simply wouldn't be fair. The date of the show had to change as Sarah had trips to hospital for more operations but now, a few days away from the rearranged date we have great news! Sarah leaves hospital on Monday in time for Celine's show in Leeds on Wednesday and Anne Marie is confident she'll be able to go...if being able to go to a show is about being excited then Sarah will be just fine as it's all she can talk about. So on Wednesday Sarah see's her beloved Celine Dion and Given To Live is very excited to be able to give Sarah a day for her after everything she's been through, she goes through and to spoil her with an early birthday present. 

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