Jamie's Pearl

A loving parent suffers their child's aches and pains. A cough turns into a fever and a parent's heart aches with questions that can only be answered when the fever has broken. Jamie and Rachel got in touch with Given To Live after their 10yo daughter Pearl had been diagnosed with metastatic Ewings Sarcoma, a serious form of bone cancer. Pearl is currently undergoing radiotherapy and further chemo. They got in touch to see if GTL could take Pearl to a show - we will, we're working out a plan and the best show for Pearl with mum and dad. We have also offered mum and dad a show for them so they can have a night for themselves to have a break. They said yes, after all the treatment is over. Then we discovered Jamie is a Pearl Jam fan and that the family would be staying in London while Pearl is having radiotherapy at the same time Eddie Vedder is playing Hammersmith and Jamie could get away for the evening. So Jamie will be GTL's guest at Ed's show on the 6th. It won't make everything ok, it won't stop the agony and uncertainty, the powerlessness. But for a few hours music, Jamie's music, will be his companion. A companion that can loosen and dry tears, soothe an aching heart, whisper and gently embrace, let free the terror and rage at a world that right now is asking unutterable questions.

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