Luke's New World

When we took Luke to see A7X we never expected him to end up with his own fan club but that's what happened. 

We hope to grow a community for those we take to shows, for people to receive support or feel like they're not alone but a worldwide outpouring like Luke had...beyond our wildest dreams for him. A while ago we went to see Luke and delivered a map so he would always be able to see he's not alone...and get a little geography lesson. Then last week we popped down to see him again to see how marking the map was coming along and because Luke was happy to say something in support of our upcoming crowdfunder. The best bit of this is the incredible progress Luke has made since the day of A7X. When he received all your comments, when his heroes accepted him just as he is. This is often all we need to grow...some support, acceptance and for our voice to be heard. And for Luke to be confident enough to be in this video is testament to his growth. Luke wants to see more concerts now, see Avenged Sevenfold again (he says he wants to have a beer with them next time!) and the wonderful community here has played a huge part in this. Thank you all again. #onegigatatime

Luke's New World.

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