Thank You.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Joshie, dance...

Given To Live relies on donations and the goodwill of those who support us to enable to take people to shows. Taking Joshua to #PJWrigley last night, 22/8, had a huge and varied support crew.

Starting with the anonymous donor who saw what happened in Philly and wanted Joshua to go again, the list includes various members of 10c who donated to the merch fund set up in the Porch and standing in line to get it, anonymous donors who made sure Joshua was in ADA by donating tickets, countless people who stopped to say hi to Joshua and wish mum and dad well yesterday, a generous soul who had seen Joshua with GTL in Philly and picked up the tab for the Swanson's pre show meal, the kind souls who passed a number of Mike's picks to Joshua, great friends of GTL and great humans who gave Joshua a tambourine from Eddie, a generous soul in ADA who said the Swansons could have his ADA +1 any time in Chicago knowing how hard it is to get ADA tickets together, the donor of a full set of baseball cards for Joshua's room, Rosie Tasker for the simply beautiful artwork for Joshua's poster, everyone who's liked or shared the story helping to spread the word, all donors, Pearl Jam for bringing the music that brings peace, joy, communication, expression and love to Joshua.

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