Jaidon's about to rock - we salute him

A little while ago, a wonderful mum got in touch with us to see if we could help her son to see AC⚡️DC at the Olympic Park in London.

Becki is mum and Jaidon is her son. Becki and husband Aubrey head a large family and amongst all the kids is Jaidon, thirteen years old, great dreads, autism and a sweet nature.

Like so many kids with a learning difficulties, Jaidon has a safe place. A place he can go to where the complexities of the outside world and its triggers to his inner world can dissolve, be forgotten, be expressed. His place is into music, rock music. Loud, expressive and easy to get lost in rock it is for Jaidon, AC⚡️DC the largest key into the safe place.

So with AC⚡️DC playing on the 4th June in London, all was left to us was to find tickets and make sure Jaidon got to see his favourite band once we knew that Brian Johnson's necessary retirement and replacement with Axl Rose wasn't going to be a problem. It wasn't, and anyway, for him Angus Young is the man.

With everything in place, we headed to see Jaidon at his home to tell him he was going to see AC⚡️DC, his favourite band.

We also knew that Jaidon had started playing guitar eighteen months ago, and after giving him the good news, we also got to hear Jaidon play. There's a shed in the garden where he can go to play and rock out, let go of his frustrations and have a great time.

Given To Live doesn't know if Jaidon will be headlining stadiums one day, but we do know he's being encouraged to play in a band. We also know that Axl of Guns'n'Roses with AC⚡️DC is a meeting of two Olympians of the rock genre, and on the fourth of June, Jaidon will be there. We're not so sure about hell but we reckon London ain't a bad place to be.

Watch Jaidon's animation here.

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