Given to Live's Year with the Foo Fam

For the last year the Foo Fam, a Facebook group with members from all four corners of the globe, has been supporting Given To Live. As we come to the end we are taking time to thank them for all their support. First, a message from Kelly from the Fam. As a community we’ve always had a ‘not for profit’ goal and all proceeds from any event or sale of merchandise has always been donated to charity or a good cause, a different charity or organisation every year and this year was Given To Live. It's been a great year supporting Given To Live, watching the organisation grow from strength to strength each month. We first heard about the organisation during their very first project, a young carer who was a Foo Fighters fan so naturally we wanted to help in any way could. Our merchandise range is sold all over the world. We have donated 100% of all profits from our merchandise range to Given to Live for 12 months. We have raised over £1,100 via online auctions with donations from all over the world. Many of our members have become involved in the project. Given To Live have helped so many people over the last 12 months to experience live music that may never have had the chance otherwise. Here’s just a handful of some of the success stories so far: Foo Fighters + Meet & Greet Shane Filan + Meet & Greet Slipknot + Meet & Greet with Corey Taylor The Vaccines + Meet & Greet Fall Out Boy + Meet & Greet Plus many more and some are still to be continued. When the Foo Fighters UK dates were cancelled, the UK Foo Fighters (tribute act) were more then happy to jump on board and give fans from all over the world somewhere to go after travel plans couldn't be cancelled. So many people worked hard to promote the event and spread the word within the fan community that a party was still happening. The 3 events raised over £10,000 for Given to Live which meant the organisation could make dreams come true for a whole lot more people. We have been proud to support such a brilliant organisation at such a vital time, watching them grow, helping them make memories that may not have been possible. We'll always have a relationship with everyone at Given To Live, we'll always help out if we can. This really is an organisation to keep your eye on, such progress has been made over the last 12 months. Keep up the good work Given to Live!


Given To Live's year with the Foo Fam. Back in September someone had the idea to tweet the Foo Fighters to help get Kayleigh a meet and greet. The Foo Fam collectively jumped on board with this and the Foos got in touch and said yes. In October '14 the Fam, as they call themselves, committed to supporting Given To Live for a year. And it's been a great year with their support so very instrumental. They've raised money through their merch sales, tweeted to help get meets with not only the Foos but also Shane Filan and Slipknot. Supported and turned up to the fundraisers at Wembley with the UK Foo Fighters. And the final piece of the puzzle got laid as we received an email saying they had raised $1694.65 in the States as part of their celebrating the 20th Foo Fighters anniversary in DC. At Given To Live we're very aware without the Fam we'd have been able to do far less than we have. Their support has been so important to us and they truly have made dreams come true. To have the fans of a band get behind GTL has been great. Fans understand what music means, what going to a show means, what hearing the first chord of your favourite song live means. They understand why GTL make these dreams come true. Thank you all in the Fam who've supported us in so many ways over the last year, you're all Hero(es). You can find the Foo Family at

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