'He's The One Who Makes Me Want To Live.'

On the 16th of March this year Nikki went for a routine smear test. Everything was routine except for the result. There were abnormalities in the cells. More tests. 29th April Nikki was diagnosed with cervical cancer. May is a month of tests, scans and procedures. June brings the news the cancer has escaped the cervix. 3rd July Nikki finds out the treatment starts. On the 6th. Third days later. Today, 57 days later, Nikki finished her last treatment. 28 radiotherapy, 5 chemotherapy, 3 brachytherapy in 57 days and the prognosis is looking great with a review in 6 weeks when Nikki is very hopeful they'll be told she's in the clear. They because it's not just Nikki going through this. There's Dan. Her partner, the father to their son Taylor and next year Nikki's husband. Dan who was with Nikki when she had an emergency C-section that left both mother and son fighting for their lives, Dan who never flinched, was sent out to wait for news of his beloved Nikki and newborn. Mum made it, Taylor made it and he's a healthy 20 month old toddler. Taylor Dave in fact for the Foo Fighters fans amongst you. Dan never flinched through 58 hours of labour or the terrifying birth and has been with Nikki every step of the way through her cancer and treatment process. Putting himself last, behind even the cat Nikki says. Dan, the man, fiancée, father who Nikki freely says she could not have gone through all the treatments without, who through the darkest moments Nikki could not have done without. A couple of weeks ago Nikki got in touch with Given To Live. Some of you will have worked out that this wonderful couple are Foo Fighters fans. Taylor Hawkins, Dave Grohl. In fact they were meant to see them in Murrayfield next week except complications with the treatment meant a delay in finishing until today so they have had to give up the perfect end of treatment celebration to make sure Nikki rested up well. Nikki knew Given To Live had worked with the Foos before so got in touch with us to ask if we could maybe get a drumstick or autograph from Taylor. You see Nikki wants to give something to Dan. And he's a huge Taylor Hawkins fan. Something to say thank you, to say I couldn't have made it without you, to say I love you. Given To Live couldn't guarantee an autograph or a drumstick. But hearing they had to cancel their trip to see the Foos at Murrayfield we could find another show for them to see. So we left it to Nikki to choose a show later in the year when the Foos come back to Europe and she chose to take Dan to Barcelona in November to see their favourite band the Foo Fighters. To celebrate Dan, his strength and love, to celebrate ending the treatments. Nikki is taking Dan because all the way through the treatment 'he is the one who makes me want to live.'

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