UK Foo Fighters at Wembley 19/20 June. Who gets thanked first? Does the last thank you mean less than the first? I don't know and no it doesn't. Perhaps start with thanking over 1200 people who came to Crystal Clubs in Wembley over Friday and Saturday to see the UK Foo Fighters play. I'm not that many of us have been to a show quite like Friday's. Saturday's was very special, Friday was bathed in disbelief, relief and a party born from the fact that there was something from nothing. That three days earlier the shows people had waited patiently to see had disappeared in a moment of sheer bad luck. Creating something special was a theme for the weekend. No one wanted the Foos to cancel their shows. No one wanted Dave Grohl to break his leg. No one wanted their party spoiled. How do you give a little happy back to people who lost their weekend of Foo? Given To Live had always intended to have a gig playing alongside the Foos's gigs but no Foos made it impractical but the desire was there. We had 8 wonderful up and coming bands booked who we had promised a gig but suddenly a passing crowd of 80,000 had vanished. We wanted to give something back to the Foo Fam for all their support. But it was hanging by a thread. A phone call from Jay, the Dave Grohl of the UKFF at 8.30 on Wednesday morning sets the ball rolling with the intention to play both nights so long as there's enough interest. Facebook and Twitter provide the instant mediums to feedback. Retweets, pleading on Facebook throughout the day tell the story. People want something to do. People have flown in from all over the world, booked hotels. At 11 o'clock Wednesday night the UK Foos release a statement that they're playing. In less than 48hrs. There are so many people to thank. Every member of every band that played over Friday and Saturday. It was wonderful to hear so many people say how much they enjoyed the support acts. I owe such a debt of gratitude to Rach Gee and Sarah without whom it show wouldn't have gone on. Saying they'd come down to help out they end up being the glue that holds everything together backstage and front of house. If anyone of you who was at these shows ever has the chance to say thank you to either or both of them please do. There's a couple of people at Crystal Club who made things a lot of fun for us and we thank deeply. Sri who took onboard all our requests, last minute changes and anxiety fuelled ramblings. And Paul and his whole security team who made life as easy as it could possibly be and supported us in every way. So, the fans, the bands, the venue, security and above and beyond volunteers. Thank you. There's someone missing. I'm privileged to know Jay from the UK Foos. And in knowing him I know a man of great heart and integrity. A man who dropped everything, encouraged his bandmates to drop everything to play Wembley. To say...'Hello Wembley!' I can't thank Jay enough. I can't thank the UK Foos enough. I'm not going to write up the show. Except to say when the UKFF walked out onstage the room erupted and for the next two and a bit hours the room rocked, danced, sang and partied for all their worth including the best part of a hundred people in from overseas including Norway, Italy, America, Belgium, Hungary, Germany and Holland. Thank you to everyone who made these shows so very special. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you were at the show and want to comment, please do. Support acts Friday- Bridges Monsters As Humans Inertia The Mountain Shadow Saturday- Autumn Ruin Beyond The Break A Doubtful Sound 20 Cent Dreams Photo Credits- Jackie Marvel

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