Kelvin's Download Presentation


On Friday, Given To Live went to Leeds to meet a young man who wants to see Slipknot. Kelvin has learning difficulties and lives in supported housing in Cumbria, has a fantastic personality and loves rock music and Slipknot is THE one as far as he's concerned.

Kelvin came with his support worker Kerry Ann but had no idea why as we made out it was simply a visit a friend of Kerry Ann. For Kelvin a new city is a big deal and he was quite anxious when we met. But hot chocolate and the first surprise shifted anxiety to excitement.

The first surprise was telling Kelvin he could go to a recording studio. He was definitely on for that. Leeds Music Trust at The Old Chapel Studios was our destination where Mark was a wonderful host. A

room was set up for Kelvin and he didn't take much persuading to hop behind a drum kit.

Still having no idea about the real purpose of his visit there is another surprise as Jay from the UK Foo Fighters is here to see Kelvin, play him a song they've recorded and do his own presentation.


After sitting together behind the console Jay presented Kelvin with a copy of a signed Foo Fighters poster from the day Jay was invited by Dave Grohl to sing with the Foos and also guest list for any show Kelvin chooses. Kelvin was rocking!

Up until now Kelvin thought I was a friend of Kerry Ann who has a friend who runs a studio. The video shows us breaking the news to Kelvin that I've never met Kerry before and I was visiting him as a Given To Live representative who he knew help people go to gigs.

Given To Live want to say thank you to Mark at LMT, Jay from the UK Foos and also Sally at Live Nation for making all this possible and, as you'll see, Kelvin's dream come true. And Kerry Ann, Kelvin's wonderful support worker who did a fantastic job of keeping him in the dark.

One more thing, after an in depth discussion with Kelvin he's put us straight on an important fact. Slipknot go to bed with their masks on!

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