Kayleigh gets her Artist wristband.


A day that started with a journey from Bristol with a pair of General Admission tickets became an unforgetable day as Kayleigh got to meet The Foo Fighters. Given To Live had already given tickets to Kayleigh and she had no idea what was in store for her as she left home that morning.

We managed to throw her off the scent saying the wristband was an upgrade. Luckily 14 year old carers don't know what 'Artist' on a wristband means and we kept it that way until the moment she met The Foo Fighters. Then the day became one dream come true after another.

A huge hug from Dave, the band all hanging out with her, then watching the show from the stage, backstage after the show for more time with The Foos, meeting Brad from The Vamps, chatting with Dave Grohl's mum, a signed setlist.

A great day for an amazing young woman who gives so much to so many but most significantly as a double carer to her Mun and younger sister.

For more photos and a full review of the day please visit our Facebook page.

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