Rossi and Slipknot

Tortoise Panini, Shiny Head, Slipknot and Jay Weinberg.


Two years into remission from leukaemia and Rossi has a great sense of humour

and loves a chat...until meeting his hero Jay Weinberg.

We meet early in the day to make the most of the time we can give Rossi. We check

in and take him for lunch. ‘ that a tortoise panini?’ Thinking about it

the likelihood is that not only would it be illegal but probably quite crunchy. Rossi

settles for pizza.

He’s a wonderful bundle of excitement and it’s not long before we head off to the

arena where he knows he’s going to meet Jay Weinberg, his hero. Mum, Leanne, is

almost as excited and then the call comes that it’s time to meet Jay. And a kid who

couldn’t stop chatting suddenly becomes as quiet as a church mouse as there is Jay.

Chatting with him, talking about drumming and showing Rossi techniques, having

Rossi have a go on the drums himself. Jay shows Rossi around until we’re waking

past cables galore.

And then comes tour of the stage and Rossi takes a seat at THE Slipknot drum kit. A

young man who’s faced so much fighting leukaemia, terrified of needles because of

what they meant over the years of treatment. Chemo, pain, terror. Now sitting and

playing on Jay Weinberg’s kit. A rockstar in his own right. His day, his time.

He loves playing drums, has his own kit and also loves science which meant a very

early departure from the hotel we had for him in the morning to be on time for a

school science trip. No one can ever know what the future brings but perhaps Rossi

will be the first astrophysicist drummer setting a trend creating astro metal.

Jay signs a drumhead and treats

Rossi like a king. Thank yous are said and before

long we’re in our seats for Behemoth and then the main event...Slipknot! He’s weary with excitement, maybe a little overwhelmed with all that’s just happened and a long day but his eyes are alive, so very alive with joy.

The show ends and Corey from the crew has a setlist for him and then it’s a cab back to the hotel who had given us that wonderful lunch that truly didn’t have tortoise on the menu.

Rossi is smart, funny and cheeky. But seriously...did you have

to remind the organiser of your day at Slipknot that he’s bald

and has a shiny head???


Thank you...

Jay, yes you’re a star in a huge band but your kindness to

Rossi says more. Truly a man with a heart of gold, thank you.

Leanne and Maria, a combo that made a dream come true.

Kristina, thank you for being such a kind and caring host.

To the team of GTL fundraisers who go out in the rain, snow,

sunshine - without you this would never have happened.

Eva, thank you. A GTL show is so much more than just the

time at the gig, your support, knowledge of the GTL way and

help is priceless...if we could afford to pay you!

As this was a Slipknot show, we’re sending our love to

Michelle K who has her own battle at the moment and over the years has been so, so kind to GTL. We’re thinking of you.