Baby, You Can Drive My Car.

Baby, You Can Drive My Car.

When Given To Live takes someone to a show we know to expect the unexpected and that things don't always go from A to B without stopping off at X and Y first. And so went Quinn's trip to see Robbie Williams in London on Friday. 

   Mum, Lucy, messaged us on Thursday saying Quinn was in a lot of pain with a toothache. A lot of pain. So much pain going to the show was not a given.

    Friday arrived and the pain had subsided a little and Quinn was feeling easier. At least at first the pain had subsided but the longer the day went on the more the pain announced itself to Quinn and an excited boy became one consumed by pain, tears heralding a deepening of the pain.

     Anyone who has had acute toothache knows how awful this is, then throw in sensory processing disorder which leaves Quinn unable to make sense of what's happening and you've a boy beside himself.

We went for a walk and Quinn brightened at the sight of a huge slide. Now Quinn definitely wanted to have a go but more fun is the fact mum doesn't like heights. Much more fun!

     Up they went by lift, down by the walkway which Quinn gleefully said was see through making it all the worse for mum. The fun, the distraction, showtime getting closer and Quinn returned to the bottom with his toothache forgotten.

While looking for food we saw a Jaguar showroom and Quinn loves cars. Especially fast and fancy cars and when offered the chance to go in he leapt at it. And leapt into car after car as Imran hosted Quinn as if he was a VIP giving him free reign.

    Toothache was forgotten as an unexpected dream came true and was told if he came back another day he could go out in one of the cars for a test drive.

Food was next. Then Robbie! Robbie, the whole reason we were here. He already had his poster that Rosie created for him which rendered him speechless until he said with such one has made me a Robbie William poster before...with my name on.

Robbie brought huge smiles to Quinn's face and in a blur the show was over but not before great memories had been made.

We went for Robbie and somehow stumbled into a Jaguar showroom. Toothache? What toothache?

Beep, beep, yeah!