A Dream Come True.

     When your daughter is having treatment for a rare form of cancer the last thing you expect is a night out seeing an artist you've dreamed of seeing but somehow never had.
     Last week Given To Live took Jamie to see Eddie Vedder and the evening before whilst making arrangements over the phone that's exactly what Jamie said. It was a dream come true.

     The evening began with Jamie making good time and the trains behaving meaning he joined us shortly before doors opened. It hadn't been an easy day, not many are when you have a child fighting cancer, picking up his son Milo, from school in Brighton, catching the train to London, then to join Pearl and mum Rachel where they all stay close to the hospital. Recently Pearl's temperature had been spiking but all seemed ok.
     Until just before Glen Hansard, when a text informed Jamie his daughter had a temperature of 40 and a racing heartbeat. Luckily Given To Live had gifted a ticket to one of the oncology nurses who had taken care of Adam so Caroline was both our guest and a comfort to Jamie. Glen Hansard was watched with furtive glances for messages revealing nothing and at the end of his set Jamie was a new fan. Then shortly before Eddie Vedder came on a message arrived that Pearl's temperature had broken.


     A huge sigh of relief and an even bigger smile accompanied the walk into the show and the dream coming true for Jamie.

     The show was more than Jamie's dreams had allowed and for a couple of precious hours life was simply about music, great music in a great venue and life was simple.
     To see someone going through as much as Jamie is smile as widely as he was at the end of the night was precious. He left to join his family with a song in his heart.