Highway to Heaven

Some people say there's no such thing as perfection, some say there is. AC⚡️DC on a Saturday night in London got Jaidon's vote for perfection.


We met up in the late afternoon with plenty of time to do all the things you need to do before your first gig - eat, get donuts, buy merch and visit the Lego store. Jaidon had a burger in mind so we headed for a burger joint in a shopping mall close to the Olympic Stadium to start proceedings and have us set up nicely for the evening's entertainment.


There was a donut stand that just couldn't be passed and, since Jaidon is a big lover of Lego, we also stopped in the Lego shop for a look around and a discussion about whether it would be possible to make an Angus Young out of Lego. Yes was the answer, but being autistic, literal thinking said it would need 50,000 pieces because Angus is life-sized; which is both a lot of pieces and a lot of Angus for a living room.


Heading to the venue, Jaidon's top three most wanted songs were For Those About To Rock, Hells Bells and Back in Black which we figured there was a good chance of getting but being your first concert you're not exactly sure what to expect. Concerts have a feel, an energy of their own. Anticipation, daring to hope for a favourite song, sounds of people hawking their wares, smells from concession stands. A lot of sensory stimulation for anyone, more so for people with autism, and Jaidon was coping really well. Even waiting for ages in a forever-queue for merch. A wait worth waiting for as he got a tee shirt, Angus tie and devil horns! Fully decked out, we headed to our seats to take in the atmosphere and build-up as the seconds ticked away until the moment AC/DC came onstage, the first cords were struck, and Jaidon's first show rocked into life.


An outdoor gig in London during June means it's fully light as the show begins so the lighting doesn't play in its luminous glory until after the sun has set. Slowly darkness settled and not only were the stage lights shining, but Jaidon's smile was growing wider, lighting up his face as one by one his favourite songs were played...Hells Bells, Back in Black, For Those About To Rock.


For Those About To Rock closed out the show with lights ablaze and cannons roaring. Walking out, we asked Jaidon how much he gave it out of ten? He said ten, but we had to ask if he was sure it was a ten because that means it was perfect? A slight pause followed by a smile that lit up the night sky.






Jaidon @ AC/DC