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It's a kind of magic... Elliot catches a train to see Queen - in Brussels

Hells Bells in London... Jaidon is About To Rock with AC/DC

Brittany, the Summer of '69, and Heaven...

...we're talking Bryan Adams of course!

Joshua and Pearl Jam

Joshua rocking out to Pearl Jam

Declan on stage with Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor from Slipknot invited Declan on stage at the end of Slipknot's gig in Leeds - an incredible moment.

Warren gets to hang out with Fleshgod Apocalypse...

Sally up close and personal with The Vaccines!

Kelvin goes all the way to Download festival - and all because of Slipknot.

Fall Out Boy were all Anna ever wanted to see live - and she did!

Stereophonics would make me very happy.... Tony is all thumbs up...

When it was Liz, Holly and Owen's turn, only "The Darkness" would do - and what a gig it was! Click on the large image to read their story.

Very much a mistress of her own fate, Kayleigh asked us to
take her the Foo Fighters.