'A Boston Love Story'

Stef & Johnny D’s trip to Fenway for Pearl Jam.

If cancer could be cured by love Stef would have got on the plane home from her show with her beloved partner, Johnny, with an all clear. All traces washed away by the love of friends, life, music.

Pearl Jam was the beating heart that pumped through their three days in Boston, Fenway Park the pulse, friendship wrapped tight around both of their bodies from the moment they left home until they landed. Old friends flew in simply to be with them, others changed plans to be at their show with them, new friends were made.

Over twenty people came to a dinner for them at Mother Anna’s the night before the show, old friends flying in, driving in. New friends Henrik straight off the plane from Denmark, Cecilie from PJ Nordic, Matt and Jason half of the Fab Four whose fundraising made this trip possible. Friends, old and new, to celebrate Stef and Johnny and their battle facing Stef’s cancer, a two year old fight that isn’t over. A fight that’s included six months bedridden after surgery, brain surgery, hope, good news. Then a couple of weeks before their show the news the treatment isn’t working so the fighting goes on, the search for a second opinion, another treatment option.

A dinner full of love, a coming together for two wonderful people battling and loving together. A dinner that set the tone for the whole trip, friends, love, laughter, tears. Through the next day, into lunch and onto the show, their show surrounded by friends at Pearl Jam, Fenway. Two years of chemo, surgery, uncertainty takes it out of you, takes it out of Stef so quieter songs were moments to take a seat, a breath, rest weary legs. Weary legs that danced, a body that rocked, moved, hugged loved, kissed and held Johnny. Together, at a rock concert, laughing and loving with friends and Pearl Jam.

A celebration. A celebration of two beautiful people that kept going through lunch the next day and onto their flight home to Ft Lauderdale later that day. Live music bringing people together, lighting a fire of love amongst friends that burned brightly, a fire that’s embers glow fiercely merely a breath of a phone call, a visit, a message away from bursting into the most loving flames.



Thank You's

James, your poster for Stef & Johnny was perfect.

Änna, thank you for everything that helped this come together so well.

Matt, Barney, Jason & Barry, without you this simply wouldn’t have happened. Infinitely better than nothing.

Maciek, thank you flag and pin guru.

Dawn, JB & Andrew. That’s one helluva cherry you popped on top of this delicious cake, thank you all.

Ewa, thank you for all your help and support. Assistant extraordinaire.

Ashlee, thanks for teaching me about throwing shade.

The amazing member of the Boston PD who ensured Stef didn’t have to stand in the heat for ages waiting to get into the show.

And Johnny, for teaching us about fashion, wardrobe changes and simply flat out stylin’ Boston.