Ellie and Andy Black


‘I’ve Been Seeing The Hashtag All Day.’

Those aren’t words anyone expects to hear from from the person whose music means so much to them, whose music has been their constant companion since they day they discovered Black Veil Brides and Andy Black aged 10. But these were the words that greeted Ellie when she saw Andy Black in Manchester and was taken onstage before the show.

Words spoken by Andy Black himself.

We met Ellie and her mum, Nicky, at Manchester Piccadilly station. Excitement meant little sleep the night before but there was plenty of energy and excitement still in the tank for what was a very special day. A huge dose of Andy Black, a soupçon of Adore Delano to come and an afternoon to be taken care of and spoiled ahead we took Ellie back to the hotel.

Thank you so much to the Park Inn, Manchester, who designated Ellie as a VIP, put her in an enormous suite, left a wonderful card from the staff and a gorgeous platter for her to welcome her. Some food, presenting Ellie with her stunning poster and it’s time to get a cab to the venue.

Music can heal, gift peace or offer an escape, be our soundtrack to joys and griefs, be a beacon of hope. For so many a companion, the constant we can rely on through both troubled and still waters.

We arrive at the venue knowing some magic is in the air...but how much magic? Thanks to Andy’s dad, Chris, the magic was abundant and it starts with Andy saying hi to Ellie and telling her...’I’ve been seeing the hashtag all day.’ The hashtag #BecauseEllieMatters.

Because Ellie Matters.

Given To Live’s intention is to let someone know they matter, that whatever they are going through or have gone through they’re valued, seen, and accepted. We cover every expense, take a trip to the merch stand and artists create individual show posters for our guests. Then Andy Black, Ellie’s musical icon steps in and takes her on a tour of the stage showing her how to play chords, encouraging her to play the drums and giving her a black rose. And Ellie knows she really matters.

Really matters.

A day at a rock n roll show doesn’t heal every wound, erase the memories but it can give life to hope, to a belief that things change. Singing along to every lyric, smiles as wide as an ocean, dancing freely give birth to joy.

And a rose from Andy Black definitely tells you that you matter. 



​‘Thank you so much. It seems like such a small word for such a massive thing.

I never saw her smile as much as she did last night.’

Nicky - Ellie’s mum.