Closer To The Horizon...

Caitlin @ Bring Me The Horizon

If you've ever been in depression you'll know how the depths are bleak. How there seems no way out. That there isn't a path, let alone a horizon to reach for. At its worst depression is like the world is black. Isolating. Scary. Numb.

Then there's going to see your favourite band, taking a trip, being with your mum. And meeting the band, a band that's helped you through your darkest days, kept you going.

We took Caitlin to see Bring Me The Horizon and meet the band in Brussels and she got to spend precious time with her mum, just the two of them being mother and daughter together.

A train trip to Brussels is long but it's a lot quicker when Caitlin and mum, Lisa, share the same sense of humour and laughter is a frequent companion. Arriving late afternoon all that was needed were plans for dinner and find the hotel. Dinner plans were easier as Caitlin said her favourite was ribs but not until we'd found and settled into the hotel. Easier said than done as circles were walked around (I blame google maps!) until Lisa took over and we found Zoom hotel. We ate dinner, plenty of ribs, and looked at shops that sold chocolate as Caitlin knew lead singer, Oli, had a birthday coming up and wanted to get him a gift. In the end the chocolate was found the next day in the hotel where they had a great selection including vegan options.

Show day started with mother and daughter going shopping then the necessary change into best gig clothes and heading to the venue where Caitlin was going to meet the band. Music means different things to different people.

There are many who will tell you that a particular song or band saved their life through the darkest times. Speaking the night before the show Caitlin said that BMTH had got her through her darkest times and still do. Music, bands make lives easier. They also can be the icing on the cake in times of joy; celebration songs, love songs. Music is music, every song personal to someone in a different way. Caitlin's is Happy Song, speaking of depression and how a song can get you through, how the music can get you through.

Waiting to meet your heroes is hard work! The excitement, worry you'll say something daft or not even be able to speak. The tension mounts and eventually you're escorted in and meet a rock band that mean the world to you. They are just human like you and me yet mean so much more. The band were great to Caitlin and she said plenty and nothing daft. Chat, photos and away we go to get ready for the show itself.

Merch was bought and somehow Caitlin managed to get mum to also buy a beanie that seemed to be negotiated on the basis of a Christmas present. Clever negotiator that Caitlin! Singing and dancing the show went by in a blur and the next thing you know a cab is dropping us back at the hotel. Caitlin is overjoyed and beaming and there's no chance of her going to bed just yet so we stay up a while talking about the show, meeting the band, periods of stunned silence broken by a variety of versions of...oh my god!

Caitlin, like many, can struggle with life and to see her smile so brightly was simply beautiful.

She has a precious memory of time spent with her mum, of meeting BMTH, of time where she's special. Singing her own Happy Song.

Thank you so much to Matt and Rosie, Joe on the day in Brussels, BMTH for being BMTH, Zoom Hotel for being wonderful hosts. Thank you all so much.

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