Fall Out Girl


When we took Anna to see Fall Out Boy, she also got to meet them!


When Anna's mum Debbie got in touch with us it was because she knows that as a young carer Anna has so much on her plate. And mum wanted her to be front and centre with nothing to worry about other than enjoying herself. Enjoying Fall Out Boy.


Anna had known for a while we had fixed up for her to go to the show but no idea she was getting to meet the band. We met for a late pre show lunch just by the arena in Birmingham - mum, dad Andrew and also Katie who is Anna's best friend. Suitably fed we headed to the arena where we were ostensibly going to pick up the tickets because there had been a mix up. In fact, as mum and dad knew, we were going to pick up passes to meet the band. We met Justin who talked us through how it would work and the girls went into a state of shock. A state they recovered from in due course to attack social media to inform their friends they were going to meet Fall Out Boy.


Going to meet Fall Out Boy! Holy moly was Anna excited! And so were Andrew and Debbie. It's hard knowing one of your children is a young carer, that sometimes they just can't give her the attention she needs with everything going on. But this day was a day for Anna, all day. Mum and Dad were almost as excited as daughter seeing how thrilled she was.


A wait that seemed like forever to Anna, (it's hard work waiting for your idols!) ended and there they were. Patrick, Pete, Joe and Andy.


The band were great with Anna. Anna had so many questions she wanted to ask them but come the moment she was a bundle of nerves and just a little overwhelmed. Mind you, who wouldn't be? Anna got her autographs, plenty of photos were taken and then it was time to get ready for the show.


But the shock took a while to wear off. Then about half an hour after meeting her favourite band her smile started to get wider. And wider. And wider. As if the thoughts that it all had to be a dream finally floated away and yes, she had just met Fall Out Boy.


Then the show. With eyes wide, as if in disbelief, the show was watched. Dancing, screaming and singing along to every word the show passed in a flash. Favourite songs on the set list made the evening even more perfect.


Then the long drive home and a bundle of joy and excitement until finally it all catches up with Anna and she falls asleep. Well, there is school tomorrow after all.


Fall Out Boy has pretty much taken over the family home for now we're told. In the car Anna plays a song on her phone. Christmas presents this year will be easy, as long as it's FOB she Anna will be happy. Whenever the band come on TV Anna grins.


For mum and dad they were as excited to see Anna so happy as she was to see the band. 'Priceless to be there and see this.' Their girl got to be front and centre, got to have a night all for her.


Many thanks to Lauren at Halestorm PR and Justin for making Anna's dream come true.