All Time High

Sometimes we need a spark. Whoever we are life isn't always easy, challenges arise, griefs need to be faced, hearts need to mend.

Sometimes, when the kindling of joy is soaked so wet with despair that the leaves of laughter never take to flame, that spark needs help.

Edinburgh held the right ingredients for a fire of hope to be lit. For a smile to dance and play like the most beguiling of flames. A smile lit by music, fed by All Time Low, let loose like wildfire thanks to the generous hearts of Alex, Rian, Zack and Jack who took the time to meet Aimee before the show in their dressing room.

It would be easy to tell if the meals we shared, the walks with mum, the show. All wonderful, all part of the trip. But Aimee can comment if she likes to tell you about hearing her favourite song live, what going to her first concert was like, that it was her first trip to Edinburgh.

Here, let's praise Aimee. Let's acknowledge how painful it can be to be valued when we're deep in depression and feel worthless. So whilst being treated to a trip to Edinburgh to see your favourite band is simply amazing it is also utterly disorientating when you believe you're not worth it. When the tapestry of your life is all black and grey colour in even its gentlest hues become blinding and Edinburgh had colour aplenty for Aimee.

And she did so well. So very well. She allowed joy in, laughed, smiled. This is big when the depression is so deep. She ate. And proved how good she is at baking with her banana and banana/choc muffins that she was also able to share with the band.

Where does Aimee go from here? Home to Shetland with a journey that started this morning with the 8.28 train is the physical answer. But Aimee's journey is far bigger than this and we truly hope seeing All Time Low can help, can allow hope to grow not fade, that she can feel valued. Just as she was by Alex, Rian, Zack and Jack who treated her so well, with such great respect. That the courage she displayed by being so open with us can take her through the darkness that sometimes envelopes her.

That the smile that would shine so beguilingly bright finds more reasons to dance, that the memories hold her head high. Held high like it was after she'd met ATL. That her eyes might be brought to sparkle more often.

We weren't sure if we'd get to take Aimee to the show so dark a place was she in when we first spoke. She made it this far which tells of tremendous courage and tenacity. Qualities so more powerful than a thousand likes on social media. Her willingness to be honest a testament to her courage.

Remember this trip well, Aimee.

To give you this gift was an honour and privilege for all of us at Given To Live and we're grateful you allowed us to. 


Thank you, Aimee