'The best week of my life'

That simple. Music, his music, his favourite band Iron Maiden gave him a reason to face his darkest hour and keep going.

He met fans, felt at home, felt accepted after years of being an odd one out because he was a metaller, a metalhead. At home, safe, welcomed, accepted in a community that made sense to him.

The Best Week Of My Life.

Maiden. Iron Maiden. Maiden fans. More Maiden. Metal. Maiden.

And Metal Hammer.

And Maiden.

That's what Adam's time with Given To Live in Cardiff and London was. And it was healing.

And headbanging! A lot of headbanging.

And release, releasing months of chemo, fear, pain, anguish, lost hope, gained hope.To the music of his favourite band. The band whose bassist Steve Harris Adam will tell you saved his life. Saved his life because he formed the band that announced their tour at his lowest ebb, that Given To Live told him we were taking him to see that gave him a reason to live, to hope, to look to the future.

Under the loving gaze of a mum who watched him go through chemo, saw him wanting to give up, saw him suffer severe, heartbreaking reactions to the drugs, Adam smiled, laughed, cried, punched the air and filled Cardiff with a celebration of life. His life.

    Before and after the Cardiff show...'this is the best day of my life'. Before and after London...'this is the best week of my life.'

Mother and son celebrating life. His life. A mother seeing her son alive. Breathing in relief, breathing out Maiden. Their music, Adam's Iron Maiden.

Thank you to Adam at Metal Hammer. Hopefully the next time you're speaking to Adam the subject will be an album release.

To the generous soul who gave donated tickets to Cardiff. A star who made smiles widen.

To everyone who said hello to Adam, chatted about things Maiden, you made him feel at home.

Click below for a video of Adam's day!